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Why is it important to start Yoga practice early in your lifetime!

Over a conversation, my friend asked me, “why are you practicing Yoga at this age? Isn’t it for the elderly?” Well, I just smiled through and said, “it’s life to me now.” Yes, these were my words.

I am 28 years old and my regular yoga practice started two years back. I genuinely think my practice should have started much earlier than this.

Why is it imperative to be introduced to Yoga at an early age? Here is my opinion.

It’s a saying that Yoga is a way of life. But, for me it is much more than that; a teacher who guides me infinitely; a support system that I know will never betray me; a life partner who will never leave me in my hard times.

In fact, it will always stay with me, inside me.

So the question is how?

In this fast-paced world, what we often do not realize is that we all are exhausting ourselves. We are surviving but not living. Are we ready to take a big setback in life? Are we strong enough to make hard decisions? Are we mentally in peace to stay in a neutral state?

If we want to live our older days well, shouldn’t we start investing right now? If we work towards making ourselves mentally and physically stronger, will not it be beneficial for us during our later days? Do financial advisors ever guide you to start investing for your retirement funds after 60? Or do they advise to initiate savings as early as possible?

Ask these questions to yourselves and you will get the answer that we seek here.

To me, Yoga has been a big support system from the day I started practicing. It has taught me discipline, perseverance, strength, how to keep myself emotionally stable, how to keep myself balanced. It has made me self-aware about my weaknesses, strengths, emotional blockages, physical blockages, and much more.

A science and not a religion, been introduced more than 5000 years ago, is of much more importance in these stressful times. The sooner we begin, the more we reap out of it. Who knows if it gives us clarity in making early career choices, who knows if it makes us rid of physical pains in the body, who knows if it makes us connect to nature, who knows if it makes us more empathetic, who knows if it gives us peace, who knows if it becomes our life!

If you are an adult, start now. If you are a parent, first start practicing yourself and then motivate your children to do that. At the most, if you are a human, you need to experience this at least once in a lifetime.

As early as possible.

Wishing you healthy times ahead.


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