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We often don't realise how much bacteria and fungus we carry on our Yoga mats which is not visible to naked eye. As much we keep our surroundings clean, it is of much importance to keep the mat clean since our skin is in direct contact with it. Collected amount of bacteria/fungus on the mat can over a period of time create irritation or allergy to the skin.


This Yoga mat cleaner is exactly what you need. It is completely hand made with no chemicals, colours, alcohol, or preservatives. It is made from herbs/organic material that helps to kill the bacteria and to touch your senses through natural fragrances.


Sunset Yoga Mat Cleaner is best used when you are getting on the mat for your evening practice. The fragrance will calm you down and make you ready to get into a good sleep post your practice.

Sunset - Yoga Mat Cleaner

SKU: Sunset YMC
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    • The product is thoroughly checked before dispatch and is a non-returnable product. 
    • It will be exchanged only in a case of damage during transit.
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